Fixing a frozen Palm T3

Yesterday I was experimenting with various Palm blogging tools, when my wife reminded me that we had an engagement about 2 hours away. Cool! I had 2 hours to fiddle on the post, and generally play with the new software. So I ran out and got a keyboard, as I’ve finally given up on learning to Fitaly fast enough, and was looking forward to typing in the car..

About 10 minutes into the ride, the screen goes white. No response from anything, not the reset button, not power plus reset, nothing. My T3 has become an expensive and not very good flashlight. Ok, I think I’ve had this happen before, and I recall that just letting the battery die will fix it. 5 hours later, the screen is dark and I figure the battery is dead. I put it on the charger – no charging light. After half an hour, still no light. Uh oh…

I start thinking back, and I remember that last week I had discovered that my cradle at work had been unplugged. I have no idea how long it was unplugged, and it is truly a mystery how my palm stayed charged. It seemed likely that my battery was dead.

I know that sending it back to PalmOne will probably be expensive, so I hit the net found a place selling Palm parts, that also has nice dissassembly instructions for my T3. Screwing up my courage, I figured I’d take the battery out and at least check it with a volt meter.

As it happened, as soon as I disconnected the battery and reconnected it, my palm came back to life! The process wasn’t even that difficult, 6 very tiny screws, and two clips. If you don’t already have some micro-tiny screwdrivers, I highly recommend the ones from Wiha. A hemostat is also a handy tool for disconnecting the battery connector.

So, if your Palm goes into a coma, this might be something to try.

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