The business book obsession

Folks, I don’t know if I’m the only one who suffers this, but I suspect not. There are a lot of business books published out there (14 a day?) and I seem to be surrounded by people who are determined to read all of them. Or, at least, be seen carrying the latest one with plenty of post-its sticking out there and there.

I saw this great link on how to read business books at Cyberlibris. At first, you might wonder why on earth anyone needs to be instructed on how to read a business book – after all, aren’t business folks already pretty well versed in reading? But I think this was a really good idea, because I think it’s way too easy to read these books and see them as step by step or specific instructions on how to solve problems. It’s way too easy to take them literally.

Cyberlibris has the right idea – the concepts and generalities in these books are tools for the toolbox, not an action plan.

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