Of ideas and …

I was reading some blogs today, and while reading TSMI’s Trade Show Marketing Report I came across this post that contained an excellent cartoon. For those of you who can’t for whatever reason see the link, there are two overlapping circles, where the overlapping part is “z”, and the two non-overlapping parts are “x” and “y”.

“x” = full of ideas.
“y” = full of shit.
“z” = full of shit ideas.

Now, the original posts deal with advertising, but this is one of the simplest models that has actual application in buiness. It seems vulgar, and some will dismiss it because of its vulgar simplicity, but it really has value. This is one of those things you can’t really publish in textbooks, but really needs to be published in textbooks.

We’ve all been in both circles.

While we were yelling the loudest, pounding the table, talking about values and truth and the future, and we were really convinced that everyone else had really lost it… we were probably in area “z”, where the circles overlap.

Something to remember and reflect on…

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