Jingle Bells! Panic Swells!

Gifts for the man who has everything (that you’ve already thought of ).

Folks, itâ??s two weeks â??til Christmas, and now is when panic starts to set in. Leveraging the well-known what-comes-around-goes-around rule, Iâ??m hoping one good deed will return another. Since my wife is the only person I have to buy for, and since I know lots of cool ideas for men, Iâ??m hoping that by posting every cool Christmas present I can think of for a guy, someone will bail my ass out and suggest something perfect for my wife. 😎

These are all things I own â?? either I own the very thing I am touting, or I own something very similar. Iâ??m suggesting these things because they are genuinely useful.

A GPS of almost any kind. These things seem like total toys, but when you need to know where you are, you generally need to know right the heck now, and these little gems do it for ya. I have the Garmin GPS V, which does routing. That means you can type in an address, and it will route you to your destination. Just like â??never-lostâ?? in a Hertz rent-a-car. You do have to download maps into it, but thatâ??s a small price to pay.

Almost any Surefire flashlight. These things rock â?? remember when Maglite made their big splash in the 80â??s? These are better. Worth the money, worth the price of the batteries (which are cheapest bought from Surefire). Be careful of the E1e model â?? some men might read too much into the diminutive size.

A really good pocketknife. The beauty of this is that one absolutely cannot own too many pocketknives, so unless he gets several of the exact same kind, youâ??re in the clear. (I own 45, and still lust after a few) Victorinox is the brand to get for Swiss Army knives. Canâ??t figure out which model? Donâ??t worry â?? theyâ??re all useful. If heâ??s someone who eats fruit of any kind, then get an executive. If he drinks wine, get one with a cork screw. They all come with screwdrivers, tweezers, toothpicks. The Swisschamp may seem like a toy, but it isnâ??t. Iâ??ve personally used every tool on that thing for either itâ??s avowed purpose, or something else equally valuable. Hereâ??s another tip: Those little jobbies that fit on a keychain, with the scissors (the â??Classicâ??)? Nobody can own too many of those. Case is a great brand for the â??traditionalâ?? pocket knife, although Queen Cutlery and others are aimed at collectors. Most recently the one-handed opening small lockback knives are getting a lot of interest, although in some jurisdictions they are semi-legal. The Kershaw Ken Onion, the SOG Twitch and others. They can â??flick!â?? open so fast they seem like a switchblade, but technically they require the user to initiate the movement. Some police departments donâ??t agree on the technicality, so buyer beware.

A really good watch. Watches, like pocketknives, clamps, and spy novels fall into the category of things you can never have enough of. Try something a bit bolder or more extreme than heâ??s wearing now â?? not a total change, just more of a shift in a particular direction. Donâ??t discount mechanical (i.e. non-quartz) watches â?? theyâ??re expensive, but have a certain cachet. Their second hands move with a soothing smoothness compared to quartz. But the electronic watches have their attraction as well — my wife gave me a Tissot T-Touch, a quartz do-everything watch with altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass all in a package that isnâ??t very obnoxious considering what it can do. I knew I married the right girl!

Is he a handyman or woodworker? One word: clamps. You can simply never own enough of them, or enough different kinds. Three more words: buy in pairs.

A nice pen. This is an area that doesnâ??t get much real attention these days, but it should. First figure out whether a ball point, roller ball, or fountain pen is in order. If he does a lot of note-taking, on paper they supply, go with a fountain pen. If itâ??s mostly forms or notes on whatever is handy, then a roller ball is the choice. If he really needs to write on almost anything, go with a ball point. Mont Blanc is the champ for Rolex-style name recognition, but isnâ??t very high on the quality or warranty list. Check out Joon or Fountain Pen Hospital for a great selection of quality instruments. My personal favorites are a Rotring 600 roller ball filled with Pilot G2 refills, and the Namiki Vanishing Point â?? the fountain pen everyone should own.

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