First Impressions – Google desktop search

First impressions â?? Google destop search.

First, itâ??s fast. Iâ??ve found that over time Copernic desktop search just increases the size of itâ??s index. If you have it index a large directory, and then later remove that directory from the indexing list, it doesnâ??t seem to remove the related contents from the index. As the index gets larger, the searches take longer. On my system at work it now takes 4-5 seconds to open the main window. Just long enough to be annoying.

Anyway, Google seems very fast initially, but it will take long term to learn the truth.

Second, itâ??s difficult to install. I donâ??t mean difficult in the sense that there are lots of buttons to push or settings to configure. I mean that when I tried to install it at work the install script halted and wanted me to uninstall a firewall tool. Youâ??ve got to be kidding â?? yeah, right, Iâ??m gonna waltz over to the IS guys and explain that I need them to uninstall their firewall so I can install software I got off the web 😉 The error box led me to a page listing many .dllâ??s the software was not compatible with (mostly firewalls, anti-virus, anti-popups, etc.) A few were noted as totally incompatible, some were compatible if you uninstalled, reinstalled, etc. Donâ??t get me wrong â?? I believe that most anti-virus packages, firewalls, etc. are more trouble than theyâ??re worth, but I donâ??t set the IS policy for my company.

In defense of Google, the software is a beta, although itâ??s publicly available and downloading is not inhibited. Usually beta versions of software are kept a little closer to the vest. Hopefully they are working on making their software able to play nicely with others.

Third, the interface is kind of nice â?? it doesnâ??t tempt you to keep a search field open in the task bar. It uses your browser â?? the desktop function is up there with â??webâ??, â??groupsâ?? etc. The whole interface is browser based. It makes sense.

Itâ??s interesting that Copernic allows you to specify how and when it does its indexing. You can tell it to index at a specific time, not index when the computer is being used, etc. Google doesnâ??t bother with all that â?? it just indexes when itâ??s sure your not to be bothered. Again, actual use will tell the tale. If it I can get it installed on my computer at workâ?¦

Iâ??m not sure which I like better â?? until I can get Google working at work, where I really need it, I may never know. Still, itâ??s fantastic to see this competition. What really delights and amazes me is that 5 years ago software of this utility and quality wouldnâ??t be free. Iâ??m not sure how all this development is being paid for, or if weâ??re all being set up to pay for it later, but Iâ??m happy to use the free stuff while itâ??s available.

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