Ten things (ok, eleven) that would improve Roomba

  1. When Roomba is done with a room, and cannot find it’s charging base, how about it parks near a virtual wall instead of just dying under a bed?
  2. How about adding a photocell, and when Roomba cannot find a base or virtual wall, at least it parks where light is falling on it? This combined with #3 could create “clean at night” & “clean during the day” modes.
  3. Make the front wheel swivel – there’s already a few reports of that non-swiveling wheel scratching floors. Ball roller.
  4. Make a continuous clean mode – clean, go back to charger, when charged clean again and so on. With a large house and multiple chargers, why not have the little sucker run all the time?
  5. A heavier base would keep Roomba from moving the charging base around when trying to dock.
  6. Making the base also a virtual wall (say, shooting to both sides) would add little cost, and convenient functionality.
  7. A magnetic bar on the front of the unit would keep it from digesting screws, tacks and other dangerous items.
  8. How about a “abort and go back to base” function on the remote – we often set Roomba loose, but need to curtail its run.
  9. Make it quieter – it doesn’t have to be silent, just quiet enough to stand with the TV on.
  10. If you can make it bump into things more quietly, all the better. Right now when it hits something it sounds like it’s really clobbering it.
  11. Why not include an inexpensive sheet of stickers – eyes, noses, mouths, etc. to personalize with? Kind of corny, yes, but also fun.

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