When will someone develop this app?

PDAs are wonderful things, and with their increased power many are using them on the road more and more. With wi-fi becoming easier to find and bluetooth connections to cellphones it’s easier than ever to keep your PDA connected…or is it?

With a speedy USB connection, it takes 2 to 3 minutes to sync my Palm. Between email, AvantGo, backups and everything else there is quite a lot of data going back and forth. At my desk it’s no big deal – gives me some coffee time. But on the road, specifically on a cellphone connection, it’s a killer. That 2 or 3 minutes becomes much longer. The problem is that most of it is waste. I don’t need to sync everything, and I surely don’t need to back everything up every time I sync. Especially when the main reason I took the Palm with me was for email.

What we need is an easy to use sync manager for the Palm. It would let me choose what kind of sync I want to do, via what connection, and most importantly, which things to sync. With one button I’d be able to sync only email, or just expenses. Later, when on a fast connection or with lots of time to spare I could do a full sync. One tap, and the right sync would be performed.

NetSync comes close by allowing you to quickly configure and start a network sync – very handy. But it doesn’t go far enough.

Will some crafty developer pick up the ball and write this app?

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