Finally, an honestly handy search tool

If you haven’t found it already, you need to take a look at Copernic Desktop Search. This awesome tool is free for the taking, and once installed exists as a small search window on your Windows task bar. Enter a search term (including booleans) and it will pull up emails, contacts, files – it even searches inside the files – and other items. It’s faster and easier than Explorer for pulling files up, and is way faster than Outlook. It’s very fast.

To have this convenience all you have to do is install it – it searches all the normal stuff by default, and builds its indices in the background. You can even set it to be low priority in the background, so that normal computing isn’t disrupted.

Along with finding things on your hard drive, it can also do web searches without re-entering the search terms – perfect for when you’re looking for something you think you saved, but actually never did. Not quite the tool that Copernic Agent is, it’s still very handy.

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