So who else is going to Gnomedex 6.0?

It’s official: Gnomedex 6.0 will be held in Seattle June 29 – July 1. They don’t have a site to register yet, if they did I’d be registered.

Last year’s Gnomedex 5.0 was a great time and very informative. If you’re interested in Blogging, RSS, and all the associated issues and technologies Gnomedex seems to be the place to be.

So, who else is going?

Gnomedexers (and others): Besticker your laptop!

It occurred to me yesterday, but not completely: We have a lot of advertising space at our disposal in the form of unadorned laptop screens/lids. Hmmm…is it a screen or a lid? The screen is on the inside, right?

Anyway, I noticed that a few folks had stickers on their computers, and it struck me as a wonderful idea to fill up a little unused space. Since we use our laptops in public places, stickers will serve as conversation starters and are bound to draw a few questions that will give us all a chance to promote the blog/podcast/vlog/RSS/etc cause.

So, I’m putting out the call for all of you who have ugly non-stickered laptops to ask your favorite suppliers for a sticker to put on your laptop. No one expects anyone to advertise for a product they don’t believe in, but it’s in all of our interests to promote the cause at large.

Currently, I have only Firefox and Technorati. I am seeking the following:

WordPressMatt M. says they’re waiting on a new logo.

FeedburnerRick Klau says “coming soon”

GnomedexMr. Pirillo?

RSSMr. Winer? Microsoft (thinking deep pockets here…) – ok, not exactly blog or RSS related, but still a cool service.

Gnomedex – Dean Hachamovitch, Longhorn browsing and RSS Technologies

First, he shows us some photos of the Microsoft campus, which looks very much like the death star ;-) He says it’s an artist’s rendition of the campus, based on descriptions from our blogs.

MSN Spaces has 14+ million users.

There are 1500 Employee blogs

RSS is going to be warmly embraced by Longhorn.

Now their showing us IE7…cool! It has an RSS button that lights up when feeds are encountered. Hitting the button allows you to preview the feed(s). This is really awesome because finding feeds and how to get them into an aggregator is one of the hardest things to explain to people. Now it is basically automatic, aside from making the choice to subscribe.

We’ll be able to subscribe to searches, using RSS.

There will be a common feed list, so the list of feeds the user has subscribed to will be in the OS, and available to all applications via API’s. 

Enclosures can be almost anything – right now they’re typically podcasts/mp3 files, but in the future they could be calendars, photos, documents, etc. The RSS stuff in Longhorn supports these different types and encapsulates a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff developers would normally have to work out.

It also has list management – it’s able to deal with lists of feeds. Their new simple list extension specifications are available under the creative commons license. The specification will be available today at noon today here.

With RSS, easy subscription to feeds, and feed management built into the OS, I think we can expect the rate of adoption of RSS, and of course blogs, to accelerate dramatically. Microsoft, please release Longhorn soon. Longhorn beta 1 will be out this summer.

This means that companies wishing to get on the blogtrain before it leaves the station need to get moving. When all Windows users are starting to “get” RSS is not the time to be introducing and developing the content you’ll be trying to get to them via that technology.

Gnomedex Day One

Ok, I’ve got to drop the travel log approach because it’s just taking too long to write, and there’s cool stuff happening here at Gnomedex. There is a live stream on the conference, as well as a wiki.

  • Dave Winer, the keynote, is nearing the end of his presentation. Here’s some things that caught my ear:
  • The Internet is the platform without the platform vendor.
  • The Internet giants are discovering that even they are susceptible to competition. In order to maintain an open mind, you have to be thinking about how others can get you, no matter how unlikely it may seem.
  • Dave demos The OPML Editor – someone suggested calling it TOE. Hey, when it crashes, we can call that TOE Jam.
  •  60% of the population don’t know what a blog is.
  •  The scholars of Harvard don’t care about blogging. I’m rather sorry to hear that, especially since Harvard Business Review is highly regarded in my company.

More to follow…